This Week in Google, episode 101: Inside Google+ (googleplus)

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time 000130. Googler Bradley Horowitz. vice president of products and Google Plus team.

time 000148. Googler Vic Gundotra.

time 001500. Sparks.

time 002040. Bradley Horowitz. privacy settings on Google Plus.

time 002430. Huddle -- group text messaging.

time 002500. end of the interview. Bradley Horowitz and Vic Gundotra leave.

time 002904. Gina Trapani. On Google Hangout Jeff Jarvis asked Vic Gundotra and Bradley Horowitz to be on twig today. They paused, and then said okay.

time 003000. Jeff Jarvis. You're too polite. You've been in California too long.

time 003010. Jeff Jarvis. Tim Shea, head of Neptune Networks, which was bought by Google, says he hasn't had a phone call with anyone since he's been at Google. All he's done is Hangout.

time 003140. Will Norris and his cat on Hangout.

time 003305. bumping. a problem inherited from Google Buzz.

time 003345. Leo Laporte. Let's keep nit picking. What else is wrong with Google Plus?

time 003351. Jeff Jarvis. The main problem is siloing. How is Plus going to connect to Twitter and Facebook?

time 003410. Leo Laporte. What about a firehose? This question came from Lou of Microsoft in our chat room.

time 003500. Buzz became just another Twitter, because everyone was pumping their Twitter into it.

time 003600. [Jeff Jarvis means it's asymmetric, like Twitter, not "async".] Not symmetric, like Facebook. Can it be like Twitter, with public posts? These things are confusing me.


time 003700. Gina Trapani. Google search: site:plus.google.com jarvis ~27 results


Google search: site:plus.google.com chromebook ~52 results

time 003835. Jeff Jarvis is talking to Robert Scoble on Hangout about public and private Google Plus posts.

time 003912. Leo Laporte. Speak to us, Matt Cutts. This is so cool! I'm going to use this from now on on all the shows! 10 of you will get to talk. I'm gonna try to compose myself and be a journalist here. But it's kinda hard not to jump up and down.

time 004012. Doug Kaye on Hangout.

time 004100. trouble with feedback because some people on Hangout are not using headphones, watching twit live with speakers.

time 004130. They're watching twit live because they can hear only Leo Laporte via Hangout.

time 004151. Jeff Jarvis. Leo Laporte, we were talking last week about having a wall of screens where you have twit listeners able to join in and talk. Google just made it for you.

time Gina Trapani.

time 004412. This solves the penis problem. There's enough identity. Anonymous people are still friends of friends.

time 004530. Leo Laporte. You have the penis problem, and then you have the Robert Scoble problem.

time 004650. I will use this on twit like crazy. My mind is reeling with the possibilities here. I wanted to use friendfeed and Buzz, and they just didn't take off, and I ended up back at Twitter, and I've never been fully happy with Twitter. I keep hoping someone will come up with the next thing, and this, in some respects... Is it too soon to say feels a little bit like that?

time 004755. Jeff Jarvis. I think we have to ask why Google's doing this. Om Malik says this is a lot about search. I have been arguing that the war now is over the best signal generation. Google has to learn more about us. Facebook had better have this video feature fast, or something equally cool. Sparks is better than Facebook's "Hey, I got drunk last night!", which is what has been interpreted as "social". So Sparks adds substance to social.

example "Android" search on Sparks on Leo Laporte's screen: "from fragmentation to obsolescence"

time 004945. Jeff Jarvis. Google Plus has circles from day one. Once you had 1000 friends on Facebook, you were never going to organize them. I think we're going to see some interesting competition on features, and it's going to be good for both of them. And Twitter, and Twitter clients, and Foursquare, and so on.

time 005030. Leo Laporte. I can share an article on Sparks at the same time publicly, and with friends, including by email people not using Google Plus. It's a very powerful sharing system. It's a conversation starter. It sparks a conversation.

time 005140. Gina Trapani. Google Plus is for people who want something better than Facebook. See the xkcd about Google Plus. http://xkcd.com/918/

time 005216. Gina Trapani. Google Wave and Google Plus are trying to solve different problems. Wave is more about collaborating on documents. Plus seems more about connecting people. I'm obsessed with Google Hangout. Google Huddle is available now in the Android app only. It will be in the ios app, and it will integrate with sms, so it will be easy to set up a lunch buddy circle and say "Hey, where do you want to meet today?" Google Plus is trying to tackle a much less geeky problem than Google Wave.

time 005300. on video: Google Huddle on the Android app.

time 005317. Jeff Jarvis. Why isn't it on the web interface?

time 005330. Gina Trapani. I'm getting from ios folks the feeling of being left out, not being able to try Huddle because it's Android only for now.

time 005354. I was really shy about video chat before we started doing Twig, and then when I saw Hangout, I was like, "Yes, exactly! I'm going to be able to do my own Twig, that isn't broadcast." The fact that you can't record a Hangout, unless you're using screen recording software... it let's you talk about people who came in and left. If you come into a Hangout, you don't see what people said before you came in. It's ephemeral, like a cocktail party conversation. I really like that. It's not about broadcasting; it's about just hanging out.

time 005437. Leo Laporte. I just figured out how you can play Werewolf with it too.

time 005500. on video: Google Hangout awake check. Jeff Jarvis. Like a dead man's switch.